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forgive me

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forgive me
forget the jokes when we were young
forget the words when we were not serious.
If I have hurt you,forgive me.
I really couldn't do that so,but I did it actually.
forgive me ,if you take it into your heart.
forgive me
you can find another girl who love you more than
thanks to you,bring me help and dreams,bring me
careness and consideration
it's you that let me know what really love is,your
manners taught me how to love others.I cann't
deceive myself.
Let me alone ,if you wish we can do as we did
before ,good friends.
if you can't confront,please forget me,time is the
best doctor,which can bring peace and take sorrow
I pretended to get away from you  to give you time
to give up the fantasy.It's crule ,however The long
pain is inferior to the short pain.

Before we get close to each other,we're
strangers,right now and in the future we're old
If your heart is cold and you feel bule ,please let
me know.However all I can give is
assistance,listening.I'm sorry I can't give you
love.I almost fell in love with you during the hard
time,it is you that bring me light and warmth,bring
me happiness and hope;But it's you that take it all
away,  so I give you free and I recover later
,please don't say you love me when you're hurt,and
now please let's be friends,we can't be lovers any
more because of the coldness you brought me.We can
be friends because of the happy time we had.Or we
can be strangers again just like we met
before.Friends or strangers ,you have a choice.I
just follows others beside me,maybe I am generous
who always give the initiative to others ,maybe I'm
asocial who can't make a decision and give it to
I thought I was Christ,actually I'm not.I'm the
person who is waiting for sb to rescue her.

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