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爱立信(大连)2014校园招聘 何必如此

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  爱立信公司(Telefonaktiebolaget L.M.Ericsson)1876年成立于北欧的瑞典,迄今已有128年的历史。从早期生产电话机、电话交换机,发展到今天,爱立信已成为全球领先的提供端到端的全面通信解决方案的供应商。爱立信的业务遍布全球140多个国家,为运营商用户提供全套通信系统设备解决方案、专业通信服务以及向业内进行技术授权。2001年10月,爱立信与索尼公司成立了索尼爱立信移动通信公司,双方各拥有50%的股份,向市场提供2.5代和3代终端设备。1997年,爱立信中国学院在北京成立,为中国的电信产业培养高质量的管理人才。




  Service Engineer(CDL01)


  the Service Engineer is responsible for the following activities:

  - Perform network design, integration, network rollout an d optimization activities.

  - Perform software upgrades an d Updates.

  - Involve in the System/Function Verification an d support activities.

  - Participate in customer support activities including problem troubleshooting an d project support.

  - Technical interface towards sales an d/or R&D.

  - Support Project Managers as technical subject matter expert.

  - Plan an d co-ordinate activities with internal/external customers.



  - Bachelor degree or higher in Telecommunications, Electronic Engineering or Computer Science

  Business Competence:

  - Demonstrate high level of interest in the telecommunication industry

  Human Competence:

  - Excellent communication skills in English (verbal an d written)

  - Demonstrated leadership an d team work abilities

  - Able to work in high pressure an d dynamic environment

  - Willing to travel on short notice


  Project Support Professional(CDL02)


  - Set up the project in ONE, Define an d establish the validated project structure in ONE

  - Analyze deviations from stan dard financial requirements on the project

  - Support the development of alternatives of the financial strategy supporting cash-flow optimization.

  - Identify an d analyze project risks as well as financial impact of risk exposure an d mitigation. Participate in risk assessment workshops

  - Secure that there is a complete ONE Entry Form an d Doc. Pack

  - Prepare project performane indicators report

  Qualifications & Requirements:

  - Bachelor degree or above of first level University

  - Fluent in English Or Japanese/Chinese speaking an d excellent in English or Japanese/Chinese writing

  - Business an d management awareness

  - Strong leadership an d communication skill

  - Comprehensive knowledge of technologies

  - Well organized an d have structure thinking

  - Initiative an d positive personal personality


  OSS Service Engineer(CDL03)


  GSC China is Ericsson Global Service Center established to provide service delivery based on Ericsson OSS solution an d product globally as well as support pre-sales activities, customer solution development an d new product/service introduction toward Ericsson global customers.

  Working as a service engineer in GSC China, you are expected to support Ericsson regional customers. You will work in an international environment both with team in GSC an d customers of Ericsson globally. A pre-requisite of this position is the willingness to travel an d work internationally according to Ericsson business deman d.


  - Deploy Ericsson OSS (Operation an d Support System) solution on customer site including on site engineering, software loading, configuration, integration an d troubleshooting.

  - In charge of maintenance service to customer existing solution or network that include troubleshooting / fault identify / isolate malfunctioning systems / function, or if possible to apply resolving processes.

  - Interacting with customer technical staff an d operation managers, service engineers an d other groups within Service Delivery organization. Providing consultative service toward customer network.

  - Support Ericsson acCount manager an d product manager on sales activities an d new product introduction to telecommunication operator. Contribute technical knowledge in presales activities.

  - Developing an d implementing customized solution based on Ericsson OSS solution, including 3rd party products.

  Qualifications & Requirement


  - University degree in computer, telecommunication/Engineering (Bachelor or above)

  - A Master Degree is preferable

  Competence & Experience:

  - Strong knowledge on UNIX(Solaris)/LINUX (Suse,Redhat).

  - Java/C an d shell script programming skill is preferable.

  - Good knowledge an d experience on Sybase/Oracle database. SQL knowledge.

  - Good at IP network an d Internet technologies. (TCP/IP, DNS, NTP, HTTP)

  - Good at network management an d provisioning. (SNMP, XML Corba, LDAP...)

  - Good knowledge an d experience on Oracle server or HP server is highly valued.

  - Good knowledge on wireless network, OSS, NMS solution an d technology.

  - Security an d Authentication knowledge experience also desired.

  - Excellent oral/written English. Fluency in more languages is highly valued.

  Personal Skill:

  - Excellent interpersonal, social, communication skills.

  - Good sense of responsibility an d willing to take challenge

  - High willingness an d ability to share knowledge an d experience

  - Good self-motivation on personal technical development an d willing to learn

  Travel Commitment:

  A willingness to travel globally (more than 60%) is a prerequisite for this role.



  1、您若是第一次申请,请登录 选择你喜欢职位!

  2、您若曾经申请过爱立信职位,请使用个人账号登陆 修改您的第二职位。


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