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以前总是看到这个文件,而且后面还总是跟着不同的参数。但是一直都不知道是做啥的,收集一下: - Configure Oracle Clusterware [-verbose] [-upgrade | -patch] [-hahome <directory>]
             [-paramfile <parameter-file>]
             [-deconfig | -downgrade] [-force] [-lastnode]
             [-downgrade] [-oldcrshome <old crshome path>] [-version <old crs version>]
             [-unlock [-crshome <path to crs home>]]

   -verbose    Run this script. in verbose mode
   -upgrade    Oracle HA is being upgraded from previous version
   -patch      Oracle HA is being upgraded to a patch version
   -hahome     Complete path of Oracle Clusterware home
   -paramfile  Complete path of file specifying HA parameter values
   -lastnode   Force the node this is executing on to be considered the
               last node of the install and perform. actions associated
               with configuring the last node
   -downgrade  Downgrade the clusterware
   -version    For use with downgrade; special handling is required if
               downgrading to 9i. This is the old crs version in the format
               A.B.C.D.E (e.g
   -deconfig   Remove Oracle Clusterware to allow it to be uninstalled or reinstalled.
   -force      Force the execution of steps in delete that cannot be verified
               to be safe
   -unlock     Unlock CRS home
   -crshome    Complete path of crs home. Use with unlock option.
   -oldcrshome For use with downgrade. Complete path of the old crs home.

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