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01157, 00000, "cannot identify/lock data file %s - see DBWR trace file"
// *Cause:  The background process was either unable to find one of the data
//         files or failed to lock it because the file was already in use.
//         The database will prohibit access to this file but other files will
//         be unaffected. However the first instance to open the database will
//         need to access all online data files. Accompanying error from the
//         operating system describes why the file could not be identified.
// *Action: Have operating system make file available to database. Then either
//         open the database or do ALTER SYSTEM CHECK DATAFILES.


01110, 00000, "data file %s: '%s'"
// *Cause:  Reporting file name for details of another error
// *Action: See associated error message

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