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Let me know in case if you have any questions.


1.       Step in test script. is not used/relevant/redundant à update it as below


2.       Correct sequencing of steps in test scripts. In below example if the step sequence is incorrect, add a comment to indicate the next step to be executed (in this example step 12 should be executed after 10, not 11). Again if step #11 to be executed after completing #12, then insert an appropriate comment against step #11.   


3.       If test data in the script. is blank à update it with the actual value used by Infosys, in the input section itself in green colour.


4.       If the test data in script. is wrong or different than the actual value à strike through the give value and paste the new value as shown below. If the same value in script. is used by us, then leave it unchanged.

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