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无论IT帐号或是用户帐号都不能使用tcode - KSV1

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ERROR log: The system administrator has set your logon client to the 'not modifiable' status.

Analyse: client role is not correct, in a productive client, customizing settings that can be excluded from a client  lock or transport links, this means current settings maintained in a productive client without recording changes,SAP is planning to link further effective functionality to this flag,((to enable adequate protection of a productive client in a system with further(test) clients check client role with scc4,client888 is set as test, so you cannot make changes to customizing data and repository objects,the tcode is used to change customizing data so that users cannot use it.

solution steps: change client role to production with scc4----client role-----production

sum up: this client was copied from other test client, so we should change the client role after client copy accomplished.


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