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Apache Hadoop真的“二”了这回

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在路上,一个不经意,发现hadoop.apache.org上"Release 2.2.0 available,Apache Hadoop 2.2.0 is the GA release of Apache Hadoop 2.x"了,上次看到Beta版本发布恍惚好像是在昨天,不到两个月这才,好快!是为了配合月底的Hadoop World吗 :=) 这第四季度才过去一丁点,想必业界会有更多精彩回应。。。

Apache Hadoop 2.2.0发布新闻摘要转载:


To recap, this release has a number of significant highlights compared to Hadoop 1.x:

  • YARN - A general purpose resource management system for Hadoop to allow MapReduce and other other data processing frameworks and services
  • High Availability for HDFS
  • HDFS Federation
  • HDFS Snapshots
  • NFSv3 access to data in HDFS
  • Support for running Hadoop on Microsoft Windows
  • Binary Compatibility for MapReduce applications built on hadoop-1.x
  • Substantial amount of integration testing with rest of projects in the ecosystem

A couple of important points to note while upgrading to hadoop-2.2.0:

  • HDFS - The HDFS community decided to push the symlinks feature out to a future 2.3.0 release and is currently disabled.
  • YARN/MapReduce - Users need to change ShuffleHandler service name from mapreduce.shuffle to mapreduce_shuffle.

对于广大Cloudera CDH用户而言,不少Hadoop 2里的新特性其实早已经被包含在CDH的最新版本里,譬如HDFS HA, network encryption等,也就是说大家已经早早在享受Hadoop 2的这些新特性了。迫不及待想要全面升级?稍安勿躁,下一个版本CDH5将完全基于Hadoop 2。。。
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