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-- sql_slave_skip_counter 

The number of events from the source that a replica should skip. Setting the option has no immediate effect. The variable applies to the next  START SLAVE statement; the next  START SLAVE statement also changes the value back to 0. When this variable is set to a nonzero value and there are multiple replication channels configured, the  START SLAVE statement can only be used with the FOR CHANNEL channel clause.

此参数可以指定副本跳过多少event。 设置此参数不会立即生效。  在设置完此参数,使用start slave 参数会生效。 start slave 命令同时也会使sql_slave_skip_counter 的设置归零。 当复制有多个channel 时,start slave 需要指定特定的channel。

This option is incompatible with GTID-based replication, and must not be set to a nonzero value when  gtid_mode=ON. If you need to skip transactions when employing GTIDs, use  gtid_executed from the source instead. See  Section, “Skipping Transactions”.

此参数和基于GTID的复制是不兼容的。在基于GTID复制时,即gtid_mode=on 时不要将此参数设置为非0。 在基于GTID 的复制中需要跳过事务,可以在源端使用gtid_executed 代替。


If skipping the number of events specified by setting this variable would cause the replica to begin in the middle of an event group, the replica continues to skip until it finds the beginning of the next event group and begins from that point. For more information, see  Section, “Skipping Transactions”.


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