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windows下部署12c oms agent 及清除agent

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1. Stop the Agent on the target machine:

cd <AGENT_HOME>/bin
emctl stop agent

2. Login to the Repository Ddatabase (via  sqlplus)  as user SYSMAN and execute the following command:

SQL> exec mgmt_admin.cleanup_agent('<myserver>:<agent port>');

For example:

SQL> exec mgmt_admin.cleanup_agent('agentmachine.domain:3872');

3. De-install the Agent on the target machine.

emcli login -username=sysman -password=123456

agentDeploy.bat -ignorePrereqs AGENT_BASE_DIR=C:\agent OMS_HOST= EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4900 AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=Oracle123 ORACLE_HOSTNAME=pzyserver08
安装后会报错,切换到bin/emctl下,执行emctl status agent和emctl start agent以及emctl upload


After reinstallation need to add agent and host target and then need to perform sync operation for the upload to be successful.
Perform the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Start the agent:
     <AGENT_INST>/bin/emctl start agent

2. Issue following command to add agent and host targets:
     <AGENT_INST>/bin/emctl config agent addinternaltargets

This would list the agent target in Setup > Add Target > Auto Discovery Results > Non-Host Targets.

3. Secure the agent:
     <AGENT_INST>/bin/emctl secure agent

This would show the host and agent in pending status under Targets > All targets.

4. Do the following steps to show the status of host and agent as up:
     <AGENT_INST>/bin/emctl stop agent
     <AGENT_INST>/bin/emctl clearstate agent
     <AGENT_INST>/bin/emctl start agent

Once done, the host and agent status would be shown as up.

5. Do a resync of agent as per Note 1376968.1. 

Follow these steps to perform agent resynchronization :

1. Log in to the EM 12c console
2. Navigate:  Setup > Manage Cloud Control > Agents (for EM or later)
    Navigate: Setup > Agents (for EM
3. Select the problematic agent
4. In the Agent drop down menu, choose "Resynchronization"t.
5. Choose the option to "Unblock agent on successful completion of agent resynchronization." and Click on Continue
6. The resynchronization operation is submitted as a job as shown below:
7. Check the resynchronization job's status by clicking on the job name's link.

6. Verify the agent upload:
     <AGENT_INST>/bin/emctl upload

Agent uploads will be successful and remaining targets can be discovered.

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