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中国特色词汇汉译英 - B

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B部分[@more@]    B to B (B2B) business to business
    B to C (B2C) business to consumer
    巴黎证券交易所 Paris Bourse
    把握大局 grasp the overall situation
    白马王子 Prince Charming
    白色行情表 white sheet
    白色农业 white agriculture (also called “white engineering agriculture“; It refers to microbiological agriculture and biological cell agriculture.)
    白手起家 starting from scratch
    白雪公主 Snow White
    摆架子 put on airs
    摆谱儿 put on airs; show off; keep up appearances
    拜年 pay New Year call
    搬迁户 relocated families
    半拉子工程 uncompleted project
    棒球运动记者 scribe
    傍大款 (of a girl) find a sugar daddy; be a mistress for a rich man; lean on a moneybags
    包干到户 work contracted to households
    包干制 overall rationing system; scheme of payment partly in kind and partly in cash
    包工包料 contract for labor and materials
    保持国民经济发展的良好势头 maintain a good momentum of growth in the national economy
    保持国有股 keep the State-held shares
    保健食品 health-care food
    保理业务 factoring business
    保税区 the low-tax, tariff-free zone; bonded area
    保证重点支出 ensure funding for priority areas
    保值储蓄 inflation-proof bank savings
    报国计划的实施 implementation of Dedicator’s Project
    北欧投资银行 Nordic Investment Bank
    本本主义 bookishness
    《本草纲目》 Compendium of Materia Medica
    本垒打 circuit clout, four-master, round trip
    本命年 one’s year of birth considered in relation to the 12 Terrestrial Branches
    奔小康 strive for a relatively comfortable life
    苯鸟先飞 A slow sparrow should make an early start.
    蹦击 bungee, bungee jumping
    逼上梁山 be driven to drastic alternatives
    比较经济学 comparative economics
    比上不足,比下有余 worse off than some, better off than many; to fall short of the best, but be better than the worst
    闭门羹 given cold-shoulder
    边际报酬 marginal return
    边缘科学 boundary science
    变相涨价 disguised inflation
    便携式电脑 portable computer; laptop; notebook computer
    标书 bidding documents
    表演赛 demonstration match
    剥夺冠军 strip the gold medal of somebody
    博彩(业)lottery industry
    博士生 Ph.D candidate
    补缺选举 by-election
    布达拉宫 Potala Palace
    布雷顿森林体系 Bretton Woods system
    不败记录 clean record, spotless record
    不承诺放弃使用武器 not undertake to renounce the use of force
    不打不成交 No discord, no concord.
    不分上下的总统选举结果the neck-and-neck presidential election result
    《不见不散》 Be there or be square.
    不可再生资源 non-renewable resources
    不良贷款 non-performing loan
    不夜城 sleepless city, ever-bright city
    不正之风 bad (harmful) practice; unhealthy tendency
    步行天桥 foot bridge

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