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ORACLE APP培训笔记(2) -- Order Management

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1. Enter an Order
2. Book the Order
3. Pick Release the Order
4. Ship the Order


具体操作(以"AT&T Universal Card"作为示例客户):
1. Login APP as "Order Management Super User, Vision Operations(USA)"

2. Click Orders.Returns --> Sales Orders
3. Select "AT&T Universal Card" as the Customer
4. In the "Line Items" tab, insert 2 items. One ordered item is "ASO003", the other order item is "ASO004"
5. Click the "Book" button. The Order number is "54810"
6. Click Shipping -- Transactions
7. Input the Order Number "54810", then click "Find" button
8. Select the Line Item, then click the "Launch Pick Release" item in the "Actions" list, then click "Go"
9. Click menu item View --> Requests to see the result
10. Click "Auto-Create Deliveries" item in the "Action List", then click "Go"
11. Click the "Delivery" Tab
12. Click the "Ship Confirm" item in the "Actions" list, then click "Go"
13. Back to the "Sales Orders" window to check the status

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