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Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version: and later   [Release: 11.2 and later ]
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While installation Oracle Grid Infrastructure, has run successfully on the first node, but failed on the second node, indicating:  The OCR location in an ASM disk group is inaccessible.
2010-08-26 19:16:15.416
[cssd(17484)]CRS-1605:CSSD voting file is online: /db/app/oracle/ocr_vote_n01; details in /db/app/crs
2010-08-26 19:16:17.432
[cssd(17484)]CRS-1601:CSSD Reconfiguration complete. Active nodes are d02 d03 .
2010-08-26 19:16:19.057
[ctssd(17512)]CRS-2403:The Cluster Time Synchronization Service on host d03 is in observer mode.
2010-08-26 19:16:19.063
[ctssd(17512)]CRS-2407:The new Cluster Time Synchronization Service reference node is host d02.
2010-08-26 19:16:19.961
[ctssd(17512)]CRS-2401:The Cluster Time Synchronization Service started on host d03.
2010-08-26 19:21:22.696
[ohasd(15890)]CRS-2757:Command 'Start' timed out waiting for response from the resource 'ora.asm'. Details at
(:CRSPE00111:) in /db/app/crs/11.2_Grid_Home/log/rmodbd03/ohasd/ohasd.log.
2010-08-26 19:21:24.798
[crsd(19090)]CRS-1013:The OCR location in an ASM disk group is inaccessible. Details in /db/app/crs/11.2_Grid_Home/log/rmodbd03/crsd/crsd.log.
2010-08-26 19:21:25.427
[ohasd(15890)]CRS-2765:Resource 'ora.crsd' has failed on server 'd03'.
2010-08-26 19:21:26.523
[crsd(19119)]CRS-1013:The OCR location in an ASM disk group is inaccessible. Details in /db/app/crs/11.2_Grid_Home/log/rmodbd03/crsd/crsd.log.
alert_+ASM2.log shows:
Thu Aug 26 19:16:25 2010
Reconfiguration started (old inc 0, new inc 4)
ASM instance
List of instances:
1 2 (myinst: 2)
Global Resource Directory frozen
* allocate domain 0, invalid = TRUE
Communication channels reestablished
Thu Aug 26 19:21:57 2010
IPC Send timeout detected. Sender: ospid 17593 [oracle@rmodbd03 (PING)]
Receiver: inst 1 binc 63701371 ospid 7549
Thu Aug 26 19:22:16 2010
Received an instance abort message from instance 1
Please check instance 1 alert and LMON trace files for detail.
LMS0 (ospid: 17603): terminating the instance due to error 481
The lmon trace shows:
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.6]:[ctx]: (ms) prev wait(ms) before
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.7]:[ctx]: --------- -------------- ----------- --------- -----------
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.8]:[ctx]: 88 0 0 NORMAL TIMEDOUT
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.9]:[ctx]: 80 0 0 NORMAL TIMEDOUT
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.10]:[ctx]: 88 0 0 NORMAL TIMEDOUT
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.35]:[ctx]: admno 0x3911544a admport:
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.36]:[ctx]: SSKGXPT 0xfcbee024 flags SSKGXPT_LOCAL_PORT sockno 10 IP UDP 40467
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.70]:[ctx]: flags=8 nreqs=1100 free_rbufs=1100 msgsz=8192 min_frag_sz_ach=8192
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.71]:[ctx]: OS Level Port
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.72]:[ctx]: SSKGXPT 0xfca36a80 flags SSKGXPT_LOCAL_PORT sockno 25 IP UDP 40469
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.73]:[ctx]: OS Level Port ID
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.74]:[ctx]: SKGXPGPID Internet address UDP port number 40469
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.317]:[obj]: SSKGXPT 0xfca2352c flags SSKGXPT_WRITE sockno 10 IP UDP 63320
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.318]:[obj]: Remote data port
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.319]:[obj]: SSKGXPT 0xfca23598 flags SSKGXPT_WRITE sockno 10 IP UDP 63322
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.320]:[obj]: next seqno 32770 last ack 32765 credits 3 total credits 8 ertt 16 resends on con 116390
SKGXP:[fffffd7ffcbecd28.70]:[ctx]: flags=8 nreqs=1100 free_rbufs=1100 msgsz=8192 min_frag_sz_ach=8192
ICMP Time exceeded during reassembly from bd02 (

The package size is 8k, the timeout of which matches the ping err message:
So it's due to the package size 8k package cannot go through the network.  This can be caused by the fact that the MTU size setting at NIC is appropriate for using jumbo frames but the MTU size setting is not right at the switch.
Note that this was an issue in versions prior to 11gR2, it would show as CRS hang on the second node.  Since 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure includes ASM, the symptom shows as an ASM crash due to the lmon timeout.
In this case, the MTU size had been set to 9000 but the switch was not configured to be compatible with that MTU size, so the related database package could not be transferred to the remote node,  causing ASM to crash on the second node (due to lmon timeout), which in turn prevented CSS from reading the OCR (from ASM).

$ ping -s 8192
-- Use 8k package size to ping the remote Note. It's failed at customer side.
The switch setting needs to be modified to accommodate the 8k package size ping for MTU size 9000. Following this change, ping command as below should succeed. Then the Grid Infrastructure installation should complete successfully.
$ ping -s IP 8192  (Solaris)
$ ping IP -s 8192 (Linux)

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CRS-1013; CRS-2765; CRS-2401; CRS-2757; CRS-2407; CRS-1601; CRS-2403; CRS-1605; ERROR 481



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