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1. Download (freeware) TVD$XTAT from
2. Uncompress the distribution file into an empty directory of your choice.
3. In the shell script. used to start TVD$XTAT (either tvdxtat.cmd or, depending
on your operating system), modify the variables java_home and tvdxtat_home. The
former references the directory where a Java Runtime Environment (version 1.4.1 or
later) is installed. The latter references the directory where the distribution file was
4. Optionally, change the default value of the command-line arguments. To do that, you
need to modify the file, which is stored in the subdirectory config.
By customizing the default configuration, you can avoid specifying all arguments every
time you run TVD$XTAT.
5. Optionally, change the logging configuration. To do that, you have to modify the file, which is stored in the directory config. Per default, TVD$XTAT
shows errors and warnings. It isn’t usually necessary to change these default settings,

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