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ORA-600 [kcblasm_1] In (文档 ID 1133845.1)

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Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version to [Release 10.2]
Information in this document applies to any platform.
***Checked for relevance on 18-Jul-2013***


Hitting ORA-600 [kcblasm_1] in

In the ALERT:

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kcblasm_1], [103], [], [], [], [], [], []

The call stack in the generated tracefiles looks similar to:

kcblasm1 kcblasm kxhfFndFreeSlot kxhfNewBuffer qerhjGetNewBuffer ksxb1bqb kxhrPack



This problem is hit only in, up to PSU in which problem is fixed.
Problem is affecting to


This is is a known and common problem hit in, investigated and corrected in unpublished Bug 7612454.

The problem was introduced in, by the fix of Bug:7523755.
This has been corrected in PSU and 11.2.


 To quickest way to the solution of this problem is to apply PSU, Patch 12419392 or later.

All alternative solutions for this problem are listed below:

  • Upgrade the database to 11.2.


  • Apply Patch Set Update (Patch 12419392) or later PSUs where bug is fixed. 
    The available PSUs are mentioned in " Patch Set Updates - List of Fixes in each PSU" (Document 1337394.1)


  • Apply interim Patch 7612454 on top of (

    • For UNIX / Linux platforms apply Patch 7612454 available for download on MOS.
    • For Windows platforms apply Patch 3 or higher. 
      Please check Document 342443.1 for latest patches available for Windows on top of

It is possible to hit ORA-600 [kcblasm_1] in or if an early version of the one-off Patch 7523755 was applied. 
The problem patch Patch 7523755 was quickly removed and a correct version of the patch is since long available for download at MOS.
For details of the problem of hitting ORA-600 [kcblasm_1] in or, please take part of Document 849381.1.

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