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幫同事做一個複製的DB,覺得是個簡單的動作,應該很快搞定了,結果因為環境變數問題而出現Error 6 initializing SQL*Plus錯誤提示,去metalink上去找到的很有用的資源,估計以後也不會碰到這種問題了,但是還是貼出來...

[@more@]Problem Description:

You have multiple ORACLE_HOMEs, one being Oracle8i, installed on
WindowsNT 4.0. While using Oracle command line utilities and/or applications
you are experiencing errors similar to 'Message XXX not found; No
message for product...'.

Here are a few examples:

From MSDOS prompt you attempt to launch the Listener Control Utility


LSRNCTL for 32-bit Windows: Version 8.1.5 - Production on 25-JUL-99 16:22:21

(c) Copyright 1998 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

Message 850 Message not found; No message for product=NETWORK, facility=TNS


From MSDOS prompt you attempt to launch Server Manager


Oracle Server Manager Release - Production

Message 4505 Message not found; No message for product=RDBMS, facility=MGR

Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-12538


From MSDOS prompt you attempt to launch Sqlplus

D:>sqlplus system/manager
Message file SP1.msb not found.
Message file SP1.msb not found
Error 6 initializing SQL*PLUS


Problem Explanation:

The executable is being found in a directory path different from the
current $ORACLE_HOME. For instance, the LSNRCTL executable is found in
C:OracleOra81Bin, but $ORACLE_HOME is set to C:Orant within the system

Problem References:

Note 70215.1, "ORACLE_HOME in Oracle8i"

Search Words:

Solution Description:

Enter the System Properties | Environment Tab and remove the ORACLE_HOME
entry from the User Variables section.

Detailed Instructions:

1) Right click My Computer on the Windows Desktop
2) Select Properties
3) Select the Environment Tab
4) Highlight the ORACLE_HOME Variable in the User Variables section
5) Click Delete
6) Select OK to exit the System Properties window.

The above steps will remove the ORACLE_HOME variable from the
system. This will allow the Oracle Home Selector to be used to set
the proper ORACLE_HOME. Oracle Home Selector can be started in one
of the following 2 ways.

Start | Programs | Oracle for Windows NT| Oracle Home Selector for pre-Oracle8i
Start | Programs | Oracle Installation Products | Home Selector for Oracle8i

Solution Explanation:
When the $ORACLE_HOME and the Path to the desired Oracle executables
match, the program will look for and find the correct message files under the
correct $ORACLE_HOME.

Solution References:
For further explanation see
Note 70215.1, "ORACLE_HOME in Oracle8i"

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