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Resignation Letter

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First of all, I'd like to say that I've really enjoyed working with you. However, after serious consideration, I decided to end my work ahead of schedule. Maybe it is really a surprise for you, however, I need to tell you that I am seriously thinking about it during these days. Sorry to bring you the inconvenience.During more than one and a half years working in T&A, I have learned a lot from work and from you all.

The reason that I choose to leave is that I want to expand my horizons, so I take another position to be a PLM Consultant, and I will learn more on PLM field,I’ll have chances to learn more PLM solutions, I think it’s a good chance for me, so I’m sorry to say that I choose to leave.And I hope 30/4/08 is my last day working here.I would appreciate it if you would accept my resignation。

I would like to say thanks for giving me this chance, Thanks for your help, Thanks again for your kindly instruction and support during my work.Thank you for all that you have done to me.

Best Regards!


farewell letter

Dear colleagues/friends:
Today is my last day in xxx, I'm sending this mail to say goodbye to all of you.
During the last one and a half years, I'm very enjoy to working with all of you, both Shanghai and Shenzhen. IT department is a great team with great people, that's my hornor that I can work with you all, thank you for your kindly help and support, i appreciate everything that you have done to me, thank you.
It's time to leave now, but i will remember your smiling face and your good to me, please keep in touch with me, my mobile phone number is: ********, and my MSN is ********, keep in touch, and see you.

Best Regards!

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