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OCP考完提交hands on以后遇到的一个常见问题: needs further clarification

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Hello XXXX
Your Course Submission Form has been received by the Oracle Certification team, but needs further clarification.

Oracle University China is unable to verify your course attendance with the details, which you have provided. We request you to send us a soft copy of your course completion certificate at, so that we can verify and process your Hands on course requirement form at the earliest. Please include the Testing ID in your email. Kindly note if we do not receive any communication from you within 3-4 working days, we will be rejecting your Hands on course submission form.

hands on提交之后可能会收到类似上面这样的邮件内容,出现这个问题通常是oracle内部某个环节协调不好导致的,我们只要把培训承诺函(wdp机构提供的培训记录,从哪儿报名的就问他们要一下)发给上面邮件提到的邮箱 就可以了,过几天就能审核通过了,通过之后的hands on状态就变成了approved,再过几天通常就可以下载电子版的ocp证书了。

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