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mail中提到的soft copy eCertificate就是电子版证书,提到的a hard copy of your certificate就是纸质证书。申请纸质证书正常不需要等到收到电子的以后再申请,我认为hands on的状态变成approved之后就可以申请了。


Dear XXXX,

Congratulations on earning your Oracle Certification credential! This is a great accomplishment.

In an effort to provide you with your Certificate as quickly as possible, you now have access to a soft copy eCertificate for immediate download. Please access and download your eCertificate from this secured URL:这里我修改了这个url地址,因为这是别人的电子版证书链接). Your eCertificate is available at this URL for a limited time. Please download by November 7, 2012 .

Upon candidate request only, a hard copy of your certificate may be sent via standard shipping to your personal or office mailing address in your Pearson VUE profile. To request a hard copy certificate, you are required to log onto your PearsonVUE Profile and confirm your personal or office mailing address. Due to a very high rate of undeliverable shipments, Oracle will not ship Certificates to 3rd party training or testing centers. We will only ship certificates to your personal home or office mailing address.

Once your personal or office address is confirmed/updated in your PearsonVUE Profile, please submit a certificate shipping request to the Oracle Certification team using the online request form at . (这里就是申请纸质证书的入口,里面只需要输入我们的3项信息:First name,Last name以及Oracle Testing ID,这三项信息可以登录 点击右侧的My Account进去获取) A hard copy of your certificate will be sent via standard shipping to your personal or business address in your Pearson VUE profile within 4 weeks from your request date.

We encourage you to continue your Oracle education and to keep your Oracle Certification to the latest Oracle Product release. You can find more information on Oracle University training and certification offerings on our website at .

If you require further assistance, do not respond to this email correspondence. Please contact Oracle Certification Support. Emails sent to will not receive a response.

Best Regards,

Oracle Certification Program









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