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Oracle11gR2后direct path read等待事件的改变

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监控Oracle数据库时发现,full table时的等待事件为direct path read.
数据库的版本为:Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
查了下资料,11gR2后对direct path read等待事件的机制有所变动。

The direct path read Oracle metric occurs during Direct Path operations when the data is asynchronously read from the database files into the PGA instead of into the SGA data buffer.  Direct reads occur under these conditions:


  • When reading from the TEMP tablespace (a sort operation)

  •  When reading a parallel full-table scan (parallel query factotum (slave) processes)

  •  Reading a LOB segment

Note:  The behavior. of direct path reads changed in Oracle 11g release 2.  Before 11gr2, full table scan access path read all the blocks within a table (or a index fast full scan) into the buffer cache unless either the "_serial_direct_read" hidden parameter is set to "true" or the table/index has default parallelism set.  In sum, in 11g release 2 and beyond, Oracle will automatically decide whether to use direct path reads (thereby bypassing he buffer cache) with full table scans.

The hidden parameter "_small_table_threshold" defines the number of blocks to consider a table as being "small".   Any table having more than 5 times the number of blocks in "_small_table_threshold" (if you leave it at default value) will automatically use direct path reads for serial full table scans (FTS).


You see direct path read waits only when you are doing a parallel full-scan.  Unplanned direct path reads commonly happen when you turn on parallelism on at the system or session level:

alter table xxx parallel degree 32;

By specifying a table or index with the parallel option, the SQL optimizer thinks that a parallel full scan will be cheaper than a index range scan.  In these cases you will see lots of direct path reads.

When Oracle performs a parallel full-table scan, the database blocks are read directly into the program global area (PGA), bypassing the data buffer RAM:

Direct path reads are parallel full-table scans




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