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[B]Task                                      Procedure                        Check off/Initial[/B]
Check that the SID System is up.        SAP logon - log onto the R/3
        Central (IP),         ok
                AP (IP/IP)        ok
Check that all application servers are up.        Tcode SM51
()          ok
Ceck all SAP processes
        Telnet IP
To check all the work processes:
Command ps -ef | grep SID | grep dw        ok
        To check the message server:
Command ps -ef | grep SID | grep ms        ok
        To check the SAP OS collector:
Command ps -ef | grep sapos          ok
Check free disk space        Telnet IP, Command  bdf
      Record  >=90%   filesystems          ok
        Telnet IP, Command  bdf
      Record  >=90%   filesystems           ok
Check database tablespaces        Command su – SIDadm
Command sapdba, (choice c, c)
      Record >=90%   tablespace          ok
Check daily backups        SAP Tcode DB12
  Check DB backup status
    Record archive log number          ok
Check System Log         Tcode SM21
Record frequently error          ok
Check Operating System Monitor         Tcode OS06, AL16          ok
Check R/3 buffer permormance statistics        Tcode ST02
Record red fields
Check ABAP Dump analysis        Tcode ST22
Record frequently errors          ok
Check work processes         Tcode SM50 – Process Overview
  All work processes with  running or waiting        ok
Review for cancelled and critical jobs        Tcode SM37
  Check canceled job logs        ok
Check for spool problems        Tcode SP01 – Spool: Request Screen, Look for spool jobs that have been in process for over an hour        ok
Check Cluster        Telnet IP
cmviewcl -v
Switching enable or disable        ok

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