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按揭贷款  mortgage loan
按揭购房  to buy a house on mortgage; to mortgage a house
房屋空置率  housing vacancy rate
安居工程  Comfortable Housing Project
板楼,板式楼  slab-type apartment building
搬迁户  a relocated unit or household
财产税   property tax;estate(or capital) duty
拆迁补偿费  compensation for demolition
拆迁费用  removal expense
城镇住房公积金  urban housing provident fund
  低价住房  low-cost housing
  二手房  second-hand house
  房产估价师  realestate evaluator
  房产证  property ownership certificate
  房屋置换  buy or exchange houses
  炒房者  realestate speculator
  房改  housing system reform
  房管  realestate management
  房权证  property right certificate
  房产市场  realestate market
  房屋空置率  housing vacancy rate
  福利分房  welfare-oriented public housing distribution system
  个人购房贷款  individual housing loan
  公房商品化  commercialization of public housing
  集资房   houses built with funds collected by the buyers
  居民住房建设  residential construction
  人均住房  per-capital housing
  现房  complete dapartment (or flat)
  期房  forward delivery housing
  商品房  commercial residential building
  商品房空置  the vacancy problem in commercial housing
  政策性住房  policy-related house, policy-based house
  住房补贴  rental allowance; housing allowance
  住房分配货币化进程  capitalization process of housing distribution/allocation

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