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HI,跟我学日常用语,and open your mouth to read!
It's up to you !由你决定
I envy you 我羡慕你
How can I ge in touch with you How can I contact with you /reach you 我怎样和你联络
Where can I wash my hands请问洗手间在哪里?

Where can I wash my hands请问洗手间在哪里?
What's the weather like today?今天天气如何?
Where are you headed?你要到哪里去?
I wasn't born yesterday?我又不是三岁小孩
What's do you do for relaxation你要做什么消遣
It 's a small world 这世界真小
It's my treat this time 这次我清客
The sooner the better 愈快愈好
When is your convenient time for you 你何时最方便
Take your time 慢慢来,别着急
I am mad about Bruce lee/I am crazy about Rock music我迷死李不龙、摇滚乐
How do I adress you ?我怎么称呼你
What was your name again ?请再说一遍你的名字好吗?
Could you care for a cup of coffee?要杯咖啡吗?
She turns me off 她使我厌恶
So far so good 到目前为止都好
It drives me crazy它使我发疯了
She never showed up 她一直没出现
That's not like him 那不像他的风格
I could't get through 电话打不通
I got sick and tired of hotel 我讨厌旅馆
Be my guest 请便/别客气

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