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1 I've come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one. 我特地为你们安排使你们在北京的逗留愉快。

2 You're going out of your way for us, I believe. 我相信这是对我们的特殊照顾了。

3 It's just the matter of the schedule,that is,if it is convenient for you right now. 如果你们感到方便的话,我想现在讨论一下日程安排的问题。
4 、I think we can draw up a tentative plan now. 我认为现在可以先草拟一具临时方案。

5 If he wants to make any changes,minor alternations can be made then. 如果他有什么意见的话,我们还可以对计划稍加修改。

6 Is there any way of ensuring we'll have enough time for our talks? 我们是否能保证有充足的时间来谈判?

7 So our evenings will be quite full then? 那么我们的活动在晚上也安排满了吗?

8 We'll leave some evenings free,that is,if it is all right with you. 如果你们愿意的话,我们想留几个晚上供你们自由支配。

9 We'd have to compare notes on what we've discussed during the day. 我们想用点时间来研究讨论一下白天谈判的情况。

10 That'll put us both in the picture. 这样双方都能了解全面的情况。

11 Then we'd have some ideas of what you'll be needing那么我们就会心中有点儿数,知道你们需要什么了。

12 I can't say for certain off-hand. 我还不能马上说定。

13 Better have something we can get our hands on rather than just spend all our time talking. 有些实际材料拿到手总比坐着闲聊强。

14 It'll be easier for us to get down to facts then. 这样就容易进行实质性的谈判了。

15 But wouldn't you like to spend an extra day or two here? 你们不愿意在北京多待一天吗?

16 I'm afraid that won't be possible,much as we'd like to. 尽管我们很想这样做,但恐怕不行了。

17 We've got to report back to the head office. 我们还要回去向总部汇报情况呢。

18 Thank you for you cooperation. 谢谢你们的合作。

19 We've arranged our schedule without any trouble. 我们已经很顺利地把活动日程安排好了。

20 Here is a copy of itinerary we have worked out for you and your friends.Would you please have a look at it? 这是我们为你和你的朋友拟定的活动日程安排。请过目一下,好吗?

21 If you have any questions on the details feel free to ask. 如果对某些细节有意见的话,请提出来。

22 I can see you have put a lot of time into it. 我相信你在制定这个计划上一定花了不少精力吧。

23 We really wish you'll have a pleasant stay here. 我们真诚地希望你们在这里过得愉快。

24 I wonder if it is possible to arrange shopping for us. 我想能否在我们访问结束时为我们安排一点时间购物。

25 Welcome to our factory. 欢迎到我们工厂来。

26 I've been looking forward to visiting your factory. 我一直都盼望着参观贵厂。

27 You'll know our products better after this visit. 参观后您会对我们的产品有更深的了解。

28 Maybe we could start with the Designing Department. 也许我们可以先参观一下设计部门。

29 Then we could look at the production line.

30 These drawings on the wall are process sheets.

31 They describe how each process goes on to the next.

32 We are running on two shifts.

33 Almost every process is computerized.

34 The efficiency is greatly raised,and the intensity of labor is decreased.

35 All produets have to go through five checks in the whole process.

36 We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise.

37 Therefore,we always put quality as the first consideration.

38 Quality is even more important than quantity.

39 I hope my visit does not cause you too much trouble.

40 Do we have to wear the helmets?

41 Is the production line fully automatic?

42 What kind of quality control do you have?

43 All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out.

44 What's your general impression,may I ask?

45 I'm impressed by your approach to business.

46 The product gives you an edge over your competitors,I guess.

47 No one can match us so far as quality is concerned.

48 I think we may be able to work together in the future.

49 We are thinking of expanding into the Chinese market.

50 The purpose of my coming here is to inquire about possibilities of establishing trade relations with your company.

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