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我會晚一点到达,请保留所预订的房间。 I'll arrive late, but please keep my reservation.

我在台北已预订房间。 I made a reservation in Taipei.

我的名字是王明明。 My name is Wang Ming-Ming.

我想要一间安静一点的房间。 I'd like a quiet room.

我想要楼上的房间。 I'd like a room on the upper level.

我想要一间视野好(有阳台)的房间。 I'd like a room with a nice view (a balcony).

随时都有热水供应吗? Is hot water available any time?

我可以看一看房间吗? May I see the room?

是否还有更大的(更好的/更便宜的)房间? Do you have anything bigger (better/cheaper)?

我要订这间房间。 I'll take this room.

麻烦填写这张住宿登记表。 Would you fill in this registration form?

这里可使用信用卡(旅行支票)吗? Do you accept credit crads(traveler's checks)?

是否可代为保管贵重物品? Could you keep my valuables?

餐厅在那儿? Where is the dining room?

餐厅几点开始营业? What time does the dining room open?

早餐几点开始供应? What time can I have breakfast?

旅馆内有美容院(理发院)吗? Is there a beauty salon(barber shop)?

是否可给我一张有旅馆地址的名片? Can I have a card with the hotel's address?

是否可在此购买观光巴士券? Can I get a ticket for the sight-seeing bus here?

最近的地铁站在那里? Where is the nearest subway station?





何时需退房? When is check-out time?

明早你是否能帮我将行李拿到大厅? Could you bring my baggage down to the lobby tomorrow morning?

当然。你何时离开? Sure. What time are you leaving?

8点。 At 8 o'clock.

那麼,我将在7点50分到你的房间。 Then I'll go to your room at 7:50.

我总共有3件行李。 I have three pieces of baggage.

明早,请将行李放在你的门口。 Please leave them outside your room tomorrow morning.

这是316号房。我想要一件毛毯。 This is room 316. I'd like a blanket, please.

请送给我一壶咖啡(热水)。 Please bring me a pot of coffee (boiled water).

请送给我一些冰块和水。 Please bring me some ice cubes and water.

我想设定早晨的呼叫铃。 I'd like a wake-up call, please.

几点? What time?

明早7点。 7 o'clock tomorrow morning.

冷气(电视、灯)无法开启。 The air-conditioner (T.V. set、light) doesn't work.

房间内没有热水。 There is no hot water.

热水不够热。 The hot water is not hot enough.

我要退房。请给我帐单。 I'd like to check out. My bill, please.

我拿了一瓶小吧檯中的可乐。 I had a coke in the mini-bar.

是否能以信用卡付帐? Can I pay by credit card?

我住的很愉快。 I enjoy my stay.





我有些衣服需要送洗。 I have some laundry.

这些衣服需要洗涤(熨平)。 I'd like these clothes cleaned (pressed).

请将你需要洗的衣服放在纸袋中,并将衣物内容写下来。 Please put your laundry in the paper bag and write down the contents of the laundry on it.

明天(後天)是否可洗好? Will it be ready by tomorrow (the day after tomorrow)?

我今晚(明天)就要。 I need them tonight (tomorrow).

我明早9点以前需要这些清洗的衣物。 I'd like to have my laundry by 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

这件不是我的。 This is not mine.

有一件遗失了。 There's one piece missing.

明早几时开始可以送洗衣物? From what time do you accept laundry tomorrow morning?

从早上9点开始到下午4点为止。 From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

旅馆中有美容院理发厅)吗? Is there a beauty salon (barber shop) in this hotel?

我想要预约今天下午5点。 I'd like to make an appointment for 5 p.m. today.

你想要如何整理你的头发? How would you like your hair?

请帮我剪头发和洗发(修胡须)。 Haircut and shampoo (shave) , please.

请帮我洗头和整理头发。 Shampoo and set, please.

请不要剪太短。 Please don't cut it too short.

後面(两边、头顶)请再剪一些。 A little more off the back (sides/top).

我不需要抹发油。 I don't need hair oil.

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