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msxml c++

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msxml c++

Building Applications Using C++

When using MSXML with C++, you need to a number of things to build and run your application. They include:

  • Configuring the directories for include files - you need to add an entry for the inc directory in the MSXML SDK.

  • Configuring the directories for lib files - you need to add an entry for the lib directory in the MSXML SDK.

  • In the properties for the project, specifying the MSXML library that you need to link into your application.

  • Modifying the source for the example or application to include the appropriate MSMXL header file.

  • Modifying the source for the example or application to use the correct ClassID for the version of MSXML that you are using.

  • Making sure that the MSXML dynamic link library (DLL) is in your path. Typically, MSXML3.dll, MSXML4.dll, MSXML5.dll, and MSXML6.dll are put into the WINDOWS\system32 directory.

The following table lists the versions of MSXML, the header name, the library name, and the DLL name.

6.0 msxml6.h msxml.lib msxml.dll

The issue here is similar to the naming of ProgIDs. It is necessary to simply follow a "recipe". You need to include the header file and link with the library according to the above table.

What is more important is that you need to set your directories appropriately in Visual Studio so that the compiler finds the header file for your desired version of MSXML, and that the linker links with the right library.

Most of the C++ examples include msxml2.h. If you want to build your example to use MSXML 6.0, you will need to change the header file and library, per the above table.

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