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How to Select the Best CCIE Training Program

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Usually when you take up a course the basic considerations are the cost of the course and the location where you will have to take the course but with Cisco CCIE Courses the considerations are a bit different. Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) is arguably the best networking certification offered today and the certification itself is not easily achievable. In fact, it is widely known that, on an average, a percentage of fewer than ten people out of a hundred actually pass the Cisco CCIE Courses because of .

Therefore, for the prolific effort that the Cisco CCIE Training demands, it is necessary to keep the end goals in mind instead of trivialities. The best way to select a Cisco CCIE Boot Camp would be to look at the basic factors in the learning process instead.


In actuality nothing will be as important to your success as your Cisco CCIE boot camp instructor. Of course we are taking into account your dedication to the training when we consider the instructor to be the most important factor, but do remember that even while the commitment to learn is there on your part, this is one course people rarely get through without expert advice and guidance. Keeping that in mind, let's tick off the basic requirements for the trainer:

Should be CCIE Number CCIE-certified.
Should be up to date with the current trends regarding CCIE Exams.
Should have training experience.
Should be a good teacher; even the best of students can be lousy teachers because they do not know how or when to instruct/guide.
Should be able to satisfy you when you interview him/her.

That last bit sounds like a dodgy piece of advice, doesn't it? The point is that you are putting your future in this instructor's hands. For the course of your Cisco CCIE Boot Camp and up until you clear the CCIE exam, you will be turning to this one person with your questions and to ask for guidance. If you can answer questions about his own course, the number of attempts it took for him to clear the exam and everything, it only gives you a clear idea of what the person learned. If he can impart the knowledge to you without you going through those multiple attempts, you will actually benefit a lot. That is not to say an instructor would only be good if he had failed himself, but just to point out that multiple attempts at the course should not always count as a negative against the instructor. If it made him an improved teacher, that's all the better for you.

Cisco CCIE Courses
Cisco CCIE training is about learning to be a professional recognized for your expertise. It is a tough test to clear and you need things on your side when you actually sit in the Cisco exam. So while what the instructor learned when he cleared the exam was right for that point in time, you want the Cisco CCIE courses you study to be up to date. When you are putting yourself through a Cisco CCIE Boot Camp it is vital that what you learn is in line with the CCIE Lab Exam Blueprint so there is no time or effort wasted.

Cisco CCIE Lab Training & Equipment
Along with the Cisco CCIE written training, the lab training is just as important, or maybe even more so since it deals with the practical implementation of everything you learn. A good Cisco CCIE lab boot camp will provide you an actual lab with all the equipment you need to practice. The best in the business will make sure Cisco CCIE lab training is like a rehearsal for the actual exam itself. No sharing of equipment. If your lab partner does everything, or even half of the practical work, it means your time in the lab has not been fully utilized to help you learn. The same waste of time is valid for when you are waiting to take your turn on the equipment.

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