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IT Training Can Be Delivered Using a Variety of Methods

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IT training is essential in ensuring a person's total productivity and efficiency when it comes to using computer hardware, programs, applications, and systems. In the case of business entities, IT training is necessary to make sure that the company maximizes the potentials of its labor resource and the information technology tools and equipment.

In choosing the type of training that the employees should receive, the company should first explore the various forms by which such the training can be delivered. Basically, the form. and methods that will be used in the training will be based on the learning needs, capabilities, and styles of the employees to be trained.

Three ways of providing IT Training

Self-study training:

This is for employees who find it easier to learn new innovations on their own. This is for people who learn easily if they are left with their own study pace and their own step by step procedures in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge in IT. Usually, employees who opt for such method will be provided by the company with the necessary books, software, and other materials for self-study purposes.

Formal courses:

Such type of training provides the employees with a consistent and organized method of learning. Such type of training should be used when the employees need to acquire the necessary skills in a short period of time. Furthermore, this is preferred in cases where the company wants to ensure the expertise of its employees in a certain field in IT.

One-on-one training:

This method is usually used when the company makes use of internal source of training, wherein they will ask an expert employee to train newly hired or promoted personnel. In this case, the company should exempt the requested trainer from his regular responsibilities as he focuses on training the other employee. This type of training is more cost-effective.

Three forms for IT training

Classroom set-up:

This is usually the case for public courses or in house courses delivered by IT professionals, consultants, and experts. This is applicable for large groups of training attendees. On the average, the ideal range for a classroom set-up is between five to twenty employees. In case the number exceeds twenty, the participants should be divided so as to ensure training efficiency. Such form. of IT training is considered formal as it provides IT certifications and qualifications.

CDs, Books and Manuals:

Such form. is used when the training is conducted on a self-study basis, or on a one-on-one basis. These days, such form. of IT training is highly available in the Internet as there are many downloadable e-books or tutorials that not only provides lectures but also includes demonstrations on the actual use of certain computer applications. Such forms of training may also come with learning assessment tools.

Work experience:

This is basically the most affordable form. of IT training. Such form. of IT training is used when the training is provided on a one-one basis. Often, it is used alongside with books and computer-based education tools. Aside from being cost-effective, this type of training allows the employee to explore, use, and improve his skills and knowledge through the "real world" experience.

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