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Top Five Networking IT Training Certifications

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With so many IT training certifications to choose from, some information technology professionals may need a little help deciding which one to start studying and testing. Most professionals gain advancement in their current career track, but others are interested in switching goals and have a desire to study a different technology. Whether you want to advance in a current career or take a step into a different technology, an IT training certification can help you.

Cisco CCNA

The Cisco CCNA is the first step to building a respected Cisco IT training certification collection. Cisco also offers levels of certification. Within the Cisco hierarchy, associate, professional, and expert are the increasing levels of knowledge and entitlement for a continuing education professional. The CCIE is the highest level of certification for a Cisco training track, and it is considered a highly prestigious title in the information technology industry. Several technologies are offered through the Cisco training courses - Routing and Switching, Network Security, and Service Provider.

Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP)
To achieve the Cisco training certificate of CCVP, you first need to achieve the title of CCNA. The CCVP enhances your current Cisco training certification by giving the networking professional better understanding and education on voice technology and its integration into the current network infrastructure. A few of the technologies learned through the CCVP track are gateways, gatekeepers, IP phones, voice applications, and Cisco utilities.

EMC Proven Professional Technology Architect
For a great education and training track for storage management, the EMC provides certification on the technology of information backup, storage, and archiving systems. Multiple tracks that provide professionals with the best knowledge to keep business systems continually safe from data corruption through proper backup procedures are all a part of the EMC certification.

CompTia's Network+
CompTia's training certification is great for people who need a start in development towards an information technology career. A+ certification gives an aspiring professional a start in basic electronic, networking, and computer hardware education. It also covers troubleshooting, configuring, and installation of networking protocols and hardware technologies. In addition, a Network+ and A+ certifications can be used towards the additional MCSA training certification.

Novell CNE
The Novell CNE is perfect for information technology professionals who work on networking applications with a Novell foundation. The first step to a CNE training certification is a CNA certificate plus five additional tests. It is considered the intermediate of exams for Novell professionals, but it is worth the time and effort to attain a Novell CNE.

These certifications are the most prestigious of the IT training certifications. Their quality and education provides any information technology professional with a higher gain for themselves and the employer. Employers value IT training certifications and occasionally will help pay all or partial amounts for their staff to attain certifications that focus on the company technology. If you are considering taking any professional IT certifications, look into time, effort, and class time needed to pass exams. It will increase your knowledge as well as your career value.

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