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An Introduction to Error Message Articles [ID 22080.1]

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An Introduction to Error Message Articles [ID 22080.1]
There are a number of reference articles in this repository with a title of the form. "OERR: PFX-NNNNN Error message" which contain a brief description of the error message for the error "PFX-NNNNNN" along with additional useful information. (PFX is the error prefix and NNNNNN is the error number stripped of leading zeroes) The text of these articles contains the following information: Error: The Oracle Error prefix and number Text: The text of the actual error message ------- Cause: The cause of the error as shown in the error message file. Action: The Action as shown in the error message file. Comment: An optional comment from the error message file. A small number of the articles contain additional information aimed at experienced Oracle users. This information is in addition to the error text and description which could be obtained from the standard Oracle documentation. The additional text may appear under the headings: Explanation: 'Support' added explanation of the error. Diagnosis: 'Support' added diagnosis steps / help. Articles: 'Support' added list of useful reference articles to help tackle the error. Please note that the steps included under these additional headings is generally very terse. Information may be incomplete and may use abbreviations which are not self explanatory. It is also possible that there may be references to articles which are not visible to customers. These additional notes are intended to help give pointers and are NOT intended to be a complete explanation of the error. More complete descriptions may be included in separate problem/solution or bulletin documents. ** PLEASE NOTE: Error information may not be 100% up to date Only a selection of errors are loaded Loaded Errors include: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ORA Oracle 7 RDBMS errors DBA SQL*DBA errors LCC Parameter parsing errors IMP Import errors EXP Export errors PLS PL/SQL 2.1 errors DBV DB Verify errors OBK Oracle Backup / Restore Utility RMAN RMAN error messages TNS SQL*Net V2 errors OSD OSD level errors SQL SQLLIB runtime errors FRM Oracle Forms errors REP Oracle Reports errors CDI Oracle Case Dictionary errors CGEN Oracle Case Generator (Forms and Reports) PCC Precompiler errors

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