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Top ASM Bugs In 11gR2 (Doc ID 1506033.1)

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Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version to [Release 11.2]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Customers who have not applied up-to-date patchset in 11gR2 are vulnerable to some bugs which are already fixed in the next patch set. All patch information fixed per patchset in a major release is available in KM, see Appendix below.

But this factual information does not necessarily indicate that customers will hit all the same bugs fixed in the next version depending on characteristic of their applications and configuration.  And there are some circumstance where customers can not apply the latest patchset due to compatibility issue with their business application or lack of test before applying the latest patchset. 

Customers would be interested in applying available patches and implementing workarounds if available, knowing these bugs are frequently encountered from the customers running the same Oracle version.


The following list is bug information which have been reported the most from customers using ASM in 11gR2 based on Oracle bug repository.   Each corresponding Oracle note for the bugs below presents information like version affected and fixed version and workaround, if available.

Bug 10222719 -  ASM instance hangs with RBAL process waits on "no free buffer" (Doc ID 10222719.8)
Bug 8974548   - CKPT ORA-600 [kfuhRemove_1] / foreground spin with fix for 7438445 (Doc ID 8974548.8)
Bug 5100163   - ASM diskgroup created in 10g can have unformatted blocks - may become unmountable (Doc ID 5100163.8)  
Bug10025963  - Block corruption of LOB blocks with checksum value but block has checksum disabled (Doc ID 10025963.8)

Bug 12830339 - Long shared pool latch waits / instance crash in 11.2 with ORA-240 / ORA-15064 (Doc ID 12830339.8)
Bug 10222719 - ASM instance hangs with RBAL process waits on "no free buffer" (Doc ID 10222719.8)
Bug 10239480 - With ASM SMON can slgnal ORA-15081 and die causing DB instance crash (Doc ID 10239480.8)
Bug 10285394 - ORA-700[kfnReleaseASM1] when using ASM (Doc ID 10285394.8)
Bug 13476583 - After rebalance a disk goes offline in multi-node ASM (Doc ID 13476583.8)
Bug 9897335   - ORA-20 and/or Unneccessary ocr operation log messages ORA-20 in ASM alert log with ASM ocr (Doc ID 9897335.8)
Bug 9966609   - ORA-600 [kfdcopy_3] or ORA-4030 in ASM Instance During Rebalance (Doc ID 9966609.8)
Bug 8597106   - Lost Write in ASM when normal redundancy is used (Doc ID 8597106.8)

Bug 12382627   - ASM DISKGROUP WITH ORA-27063 and SVR4 ERROR: 5: I/O ERROR ON SUN SOLARIS (Doc ID 1478482.1)
Bug 12857027   - Drop directory in asmcmd fails with ORA-600[kfaDelTree00] (Doc ID 12857027.8)       
Bug13914613    - Excessive time holding shared pool latch in kghfrunp with auto memory management (Doc ID 13914613.8)
Bug13838047    - Parameter LOCAL_LISTENER is changed to the default value by the GI agent (Doc ID 1470041.1)


Appendix - Bug fix information per 10gR2, 11gR1 and 11gR2 patch set.   

 10gR2 Patch Set - Availability and Known Issues (Doc ID 359415.1) Patch Set - Availability and Known Issues (Doc ID 401435.1) Patch Set - List of Fixes in each PSU (Doc ID 1340024.1) Patch Set - List of Bug Fixes by Problem Type (Doc ID 1088172.1)

 11gR1 Patch Set Updates - List of Fixes in each PSU (Doc ID 1337836.1)
      Bug 8833297   -   Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 8833297.8)
      Bug 9209238   -   Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 9209238.8)
      Bug 9352179   -   Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 9352179.8)
      Bug 9654987   -   Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 9654987.8)
      Bug 9952228   -   Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 9952228.8)
      Bug 10248531 -   Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 10248531.8)
      Bug 11724936 -   Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 11724936.8)
      Bug 12419384 -   Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 12419384.8)
      Bug 12827740 -   Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 12827740.8)
      Bug 13343461 - Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 13343461.8)
      Bug 13621679 - Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 13621679.8)
      Bug 13923474 - Patch Set Update (PSU) (Doc ID 13923474.8)


 11gR2 Patch Set - List of Bug Fixes by Problem Type (Doc ID 1179583.1) Patch Set - List of Bug Fixes by Problem Type (Doc ID 1348303.1)



NOTE:245840.1 - Introduction to "Bug Description" Articles

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