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FAQ: Goods Receipt sd 问题

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Note 519800 - FAQ: Goods Receipt

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1. Question:

Problems with GR for inbound delivery using MB0A, MIGO, VL32
Please read the note 0199703, which discribes the process of goods
goods receipts and cancellation for inbound deliver, which are posted with transactions MB0A, MIGO, VL32.

2. 收货时出现在例程WERT_SIMULIEREN字段NEUER_PREIS中字段溢出 主要是sap内部程序换算的时候数值字段超过11位溢出,解决方法只能是想办法等数值减少,不溢出

When you post a goods receipt, the system displays error message M7302 'Field overflow in routine WERT_SIMULIEREN in field NEUER_PREIS'.
During goods receipt, the system recalculates the moving average price of a material.The new material price can no longer be displayed with thequantity of allowed numbers. Please implement the note 139176.

3. Question:

When you enter a goods receipt for purchase order (MIGO) you enter the purchase order number and then you receive a message “Purchase order # _mber and then we receive a message “Purchase order # ____ contains no items”.
Answer: Please see the customizing entries in transaction OMGZ. When the "GR assgt" flag is set for a confirmation category then you can only post aa GR after having posted a confirmation document.

4. Question:

Split valuation error at shipment goods receipt. You get an error
message M7-043: "E: Valuation type ... differs from valuation type of
batch ..."
Please read the note 66953.

5. Question:

You are trying to post a good recept  for a purchase order that was create from a purchase requisition (Tr. MB01, MIGO). When you save the GR, a program termination occurs  with the message
'CALL_FUNCTION_PARM_MISSING' from  function module
Please have a look into the attached note 423872.

6. Question:

A goods receipt or a goods receipt reversal for a production order is
valuated incorrectly if before already a goods receipt was posted.
The production unit differs from the base unit of measure.
The item is not the main item in the production order.
Please implement the correction from note 303095.

7. Question:

The missing parts check during goods receipt does not take the special
stock indicators 'E' (sales order) and 'Q' (project) into account.
Please implement the note 212303.

8. Question:

A goods receipt or a cancellation of a goods receipt for a production
order is valuated incorrectly if another goods receipt was already
posted before.
This case is happend when the production unit differs from the base unit
of measure. You should implement the attached corrections from the note

9. Question:

Why does the value in the field "amount in local currency" in a material
document, sometimes differ from the valued displayed for this material
document in the purchase order history.
These two fields relate to different FI postings. The field in the
material document (MSEG-DMBTR) is filled with the value that was
posted to the stock account. The field in the purchase order history
(EKBE-DMBTR) displays the value that was posted to the GR/IR account
during the goods receipt. There can be several reasons why the stock
posting value differs from the value posted to the GR/IR account. For
example, when the material in question uses s-price control and the
price in the purchase order does not equal the standard price of the

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