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DXWB 数据迁移

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External data in the IDoc Format is required for calling BAPIs from DX-WB (Data transfer workbench). Mapping tools such as LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) must therefore be used to convert the external data into IDoc Format.

BAPI Technology: LSMW or DXWB

The file in IDoc Format can be Processed either using LSMW or DXWB. Incase of LSMW an IDoc is first created in the database, read and then passed to BAPI. But in DXWB, the file in IDoc format is passed directly to the BAPI. No IDoc is created in the database, which speeds up the Process. This wiki demonstrates the DXWB procedure to transfer the Asset Master data.


Step 1: Go to transaction SXDA and create a Project for the data transfer

Give your data transfer project a Meaningful Name and description

Step 2: Create a Subproject for the Project created earlier and Specify the Object type

Step 3: Create a Run Definition

Step 4: Create a task. Here specify the task type and the Program type.

Also Specify the following attributes as shown in the screen shot below

Package Size: This determines the Number of objects that a BAPI transfers per LUW.

Also Specify the Input files and Error Files. Here the input file is the converted file from LSMW.

Step 5: Select the Run Definition and Process it using Start Run button

Log has been created for the Processed Run. We can check whether the transfer has been carried Out successfully or not.

Select the detailed Log display button from the log displayed to view the detailed information about the Processing status.

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