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1661867 - Reference to customer is missing for vendor business partner EWM CIF

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1661867 - Reference to customer is missing for vendor business partner

Version 5   Type SAP Note
Release Status Released for Customer   Language English
Responsible Stefan Behrens ( D025758 )   Masterlanguage English
Processor Vaclav Lederer ( I060761 )   Last Changed On 18.12.2013 09:26:07
Component SCM-BAS-INT-MD ( CIF Master Data )   Created On 08.12.2011 09:57:17
Other Components SCM-APO-INT ( Interfaces )


You are transferring vendor business partners from your ERP system to your SCM-EWM system. Until now the customer number you will find at the ERP vendor data is not send to the SCM-EWM vendor business partner.

Other Terms

XX01, XX02, XX03

Reason and Prerequisites


Using the sample source code presented here for the user exit during
the ERP outbound processing of vendors/business partners the customer number will be transferred to the SCM-EWM system.

Implement this solution you really need this for your vendor business partners at your EWM system. Make sure that the relevant SCM correction delivered with note 1661932 is already implemented at your SCM-EWM system before you implement this solution at your ERP system.

Steps to implement the user exit solution at your ERP system:

    1. Create a new customer project using CMOD transaction if it is necessary.
      a) Call transaction CMOD and enter a project name and press the 'Create' button. At the next screen enter a short text and save your project.
      b) Go back to the initial screen of CMOD transaction. For this project select 'Assignment enhancements' at the subobjects checkbox and press the change button.
      c) At the next screen add the enhancement CIFLOC01 and press the save button to save your changes.
      d) Go back to the CMOD initial screen to activate your project.
      Navigate in the menu to  'Project' -> 'Activate Project'.
    2. Implement the source code provided with this note into your ERP system.

Assigned Correction Instructions

*$ Correction Inst.         0120061532 0001404184                     $*
*$ Valid for       :                                                  $*
*$ Software Component   SAP_APPL   SAP Application                    $*
*$  Release 600          Fm SAPKH60001                                $*
*$  Release 602          All Support Package Levels                   $*
*$  Release 603          All Support Package Levels                   $*
*$  Release 604          Fm SAPKH60401                                $*
*$  Release 605          All Support Package Levels                   $*
*$  Release 606          Fm SAPKH60601                                $*
*$  Release 616          All Support Package Levels                   $*
*$  Release 617          All Support Package Levels                   $*
*$ Changes/Objects Not Contained in Standard SAP System               $*
*& Object          REPS ZXCIFU09
*& Object Header   PROG ZXCIFU09
* Solution delivered with SAP Note 1661867
* For the vendor business partner at SCM-EWM system transfer also the
* customer which is assigned to the vendor at the ERP system

  Data: lv_tabix type sy-tabix,
        lt_lif type table of lfa1.
  FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_loc> TYPE cifloc,
                 <fs_lif> TYPE lfa1,
                 <fs_locx> TYPE ciflocx.

  lt_lif[] = it_lif[].
  SORT lt_lif[] by lifnr.
  LOOP AT et_loc ASSIGNING <fs_loc>
    WHERE loctype <> '1005'.   " not for transport zones
    lv_tabix = sy-tabix.
    READ TABLE lt_lif WITH KEY lifnr = <fs_loc>-ext_locno
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      IF <fs_lif>-kunnr IS NOT INITIAL.
        <fs_loc>-kunnr = <fs_lif>-kunnr.
        <fs_loc>-kunnr = <fs_lif>-lifnr.
      READ TABLE et_locx INDEX lv_tabix ASSIGNING <fs_locx>.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        <fs_locx>-kunnr = 'X'.

*>>>> END OF INSERTION <<<<<<

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