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以前一直知道PHP这个东西,不过一直没有理解用来干什么的。今天只是发现OpenSocail的shindig有两种版本的实现JAVA版与PHP。加上前段时间发现我们的LotusLive的实现也用到了PHP,所以从slideshare上查了篇介绍,看了一下。首先最大的理解来自于PHP用于放在WEB SERVER后面的用来动态产生静态页面的服务器端编程语言, 一下是我摘抄出来的一些有用的片段:

Why use PHP?

1)PHP is a server-side interpreter which is Open Source and free;
2)So is a growing number of PHP web applications;
3)PHP provides familiar syntax to C, Perl and Java developers;
4)PHP has fast connections to popular databases;
5)PHP has fast native connections to the Open Source MySQL database;            6)PHP runs reliably on Windows, Linux and Mac servers and clients;
7)PHP web pages run reliably on all the popular browsers;
8)PHP's associative arrays are very useful for UI and database apps;
9)PHP's object oriented classes are easy to understand;
10)PHP has been very promiscuous-linking to PDF, SWF, XML, Java, etc, etc.


1) JavaScript. = ClientSide; PHP = ServerSide
2) With php you can have the remote time, with js you can have user time...
3) with php the source is not lookable in the source code with js the source can be see in the source code of the page.
4) Javascript. NOT EQUAL TO PHP


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