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Basic Tables in R12




This happens to be the master table now instead of PO_VENDORS.
You will notice that the PARTY_NUMBER below is the Registry id in the R12 supplier screen.
Also, this party_id will be referenced in the remainder set of tables.


This table stores the Party Usages, for example,  it captures the fact that the given party_id is of type SUPPLIER


his table captures additional Supplier information, for example, credit scoring details of Supplier or the Number of Employees working in Supplier Organization.


This table captures Payment related details of the Supplier.
For example :-
    1. How should the supplier's remittance advice must be sent?
    2. What is the default Payment method Code for this supplier?
    3. Who bears the bank charges when lets say SWIFT payment is made?
This information can be setup at either the Supplier level or at Supplier Site level.


Alongside HZ_PARTIES, this is another master table that replaces the PO_VENDORS table of 11i.
Instead of expanding the design of HZ_PARTIES, oracle decided to hold the supplier specific attributes in AP_SUPPLIERS


This table holds the mapping between the AP_SUPPLIERS.VENDOR_ID and HZ_PARTIES.PARTY_ID.
This is useful in cases whereby two vendors  effectively belong  the same HZ_Party Record.


The taxation related details like Tax Codes, and Tax Accounts etc have been moved from AP into ZX.
ZX is the name of a new Application "E-Business Tax".

Efectively this application is the Tax repository/Taxation Engine for eBusiness Suite starting from R12.
Effectively this also means that our good old AP_TAX_CODES_ALL is no longer the master table for Taxes.
Now we have a new tax rate table, i.e. ZX_RATES_B.
ZX_ACCOUNTS is another table that has been introduced to capture accounting setup related to Tax Codes.


PO_VENDORS is a view in R12, that joins AP_SUPPLIERS & HZ_PARTIES.
Similarly, PO_VENDOR_SITES and PO_VENDOR_SITES_ALL are also views based upon AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL.



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