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ap invoice status 【selected for validate】

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Invoice  Validate时状态【selected for validate】

【处理方式:后台更新 ap_invoices_all 表中的 validate_request_id 为空即可】

Invoice Validation checks the matching, tax, period status, exchange rate, and

distribution information for invoices you enter. It checks the supplier site to determine

which invoice tolerance template to use. If no invoice tolerance template is specified,

tolerance checking is not performed. If an invoice tolerance template is specified,

Invoice Validation will check against the specific invoice tolerances template stored in

the Invoice Tolerances window to determine if the invoice falls within the defined

tolerances and automatically applies holds to exception invoices. If an invoice has a

hold, you can release the hold by correcting the exception that caused Invoice

Invoices 3-169

Validation to apply the hold by updating the invoice or the purchase order, or changing

the invoice tolerances. Then resubmit Invoice Validation to release the hold. In the

Invoice Holds tab, you can manually release certain invoice holds, even if you have not

resolved the matching error condition.

Note: When the invoice is in a Validated state, the Liability Account

field cannot be updated.

Authorized users can always correct an invoice, even if you have validated, approved,

paid, or created accounting entries for the invoice. See also: Adjusting Invoices, page 3-


You can identify all invoices that Payables has not yet reviewed with Invoice Validation

by submitting the Invoice Register and selecting the Unvalidated Invoices Only

parameter. You can review the validation status of an invoice online in the Invoice

Overview window or the Invoices window.

Payables and Oracle Alert integrate to alert the appropriate accounts payable or

purchasing staff when you or Payables place an invoice on hold. Oracle Alert also

provides an integrated system of alerts, messages, and message distribution to focus

attention on time-sensitive or critical information and streamline the validation process.

Exception reporting in Oracle Alert is accomplished using either electronic mail or

paper reports.

You can submit an invoice for validation in one of the following ways:

• Online by using either the Validate or the Validate Related Invoices check box in the

Invoice Actions window. See: Submitting Online Validation for Invoices, page 3-170.

• Online by using the Validate button in the Invoice Batches window. See: Submitting

Online Validation for Invoice Batches, page 3-171.

• Batch by submitting the Payables Invoice Validation program from the Submit

Request window. See: Payables Invoice Validation Program, page 3-171.

The order of the Invoice Validation process and Invoice Approval Workflow Program is

based on the Approval Processing Sequence Payables option. For example, you might

want to validate before you approve if you enter invoices that require the Invoice

Validation process to create tax distributions for you. If your approvers need to review

tax details before they approve an invoice, then we recommend that you select an

option that validates before approving. For more information on submitting invoices for

approval, see Invoice Approval Workflow Overview, page 3-174.

SELECT invoice_id, validation_request_id FROM ap_invoices_all AI

WHERE validation_request_id IS NOT NULL


        (SELECT 'Request Completed'

           FROM fnd_concurrent_requests FCR

          WHERE FCR.request_id = AI.validation_request_id

            AND FCR.phase_code = 'C' )


         (SELECT 'Request Completed'

            FROM fnd_concurrent_requests FCR

           WHERE FCR.request_id = AI.validation_request_id));

It is a bug explain in: R12: Unable to Validate Invoice after Cancelling Validation Request due to Error 'This Invoice cannot be Modified because it is Currently Selected for Processing by the Invoice Validation Program' ( )

Solution is in: R12:Payables:Generic Data Fix (GDF) Patch Number 20651268 - Invoices Locked by Invoice Validation Request That had Completed in Error ( )

处理方式:后台更新 ap_invoices_all 表中的 validate_request_id 为空即可.

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