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Inventory Period has a satatus of "closed not summarized"

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Oracle Cost Management - Version 12.0.0 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


After close Inventory Accounting Period, these are staying in state ''Closed not Summarized".

1. Why this happen?

2. How can we change the state of period to Close?

3. If we change the status of these periods to Closed, affects accounting or costing any way?


Closed, Not Summarized essentially means just that. The period was closed, but no Summarization data was created. There is no real impact to operations.

1. Review
CSTRPCRE Period Close Reconciliation Report: Inventory Period Finishes But the Period To Be Closed Has A Status Of 'Closed Not Summarized.' (Doc ID 1337538.1)

  Ensure you are at the file level noted as there was a problem previous to that version.

In regards to other questions:

2.What is the impact and how can get to "closed"

The period close reconciliation report was designed as a tool for matching
the accounted value to the onhand value on a period-by-period basis. Information for each period is
mostly calculated independently.

For each period, we must arrive at two values: accounted and onhand.

For the case of onhand value, we take the current onhand quantity out of
Inventory's information table MTL_ONHAND_QUANTITY and revert transaction
quantities in MTL_MATERIAL_TRANSACTIONS for all transactions after the end of
the period being reconciled. After multiplying with historical cost at the
end of the period, we can arrive at an ending onhand value for this period.

For the case of accounted value, we need a baseline value and delta. The
delta is obtained from rows in the MTL_TRANSACTION_ACCOUNTS distributions
table for the respective period. The baseline value is from the previous
period's ending onhand value. The reason we use onhand value instead of
accounted value, as one might expect, is for the independence of each
period's values.

The usage of this value ensures that each period begins with a "clean slate"
and it is easier to find where discrepancies result from since we don't have
to worry about mismatches in value being propagated from one period to the

3.Importance of PCRR :-

CSTRPCRE - Period Close Reconciliation Report

The new report ???Period Close Reconciliation Report??? will be used in place of the existing period close reports: Inventory Value Report, All Inventories Value Report, Historical Transaction Value Summary ??? Average Cost. This report will show the distribution and quantity valuations in addition to adjustments made. This report can also be run in simulation mode and will display the adjustments that would have been made in the simulation.

When this report is run for an open period, it becomes a simulation report and pulls data from the temp table that holds the data for the period. The data will be included for the dates the user submits as one of the parameters. The only difference between the simulation report and the actual report is that the word Simulation is included in the title of the report. To further clarify the report, the From and To Dates will be displayed along with the period name.

When this report is run for a closed period, the report will show the real inventory value summary. The report will pull the data from the CST_PERIOD_CLOSE_SUMMARY table. The report will automatically summarize data for a period if it has not yet been done. This summarization is determined by use of the profile option CST: Period Summary. There are two values for this Automatic and Manual. If the user does not want to summarize the periods as they close, the value needs to be set to Manual. The user can then run the summarization at a later date or even not at all.

4.If the PCRR is not run then, the status of the Inventory Period will be 'closed but not summarized'. Once, the Report is run, the status will be changed to 'Closed'.

If the status of the Inventory Period of Dec and Jan is 'closed but not summarized', then first you need to run the Report for the Month of Dec and then Jan. Otherwise you will encounter an error. 

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