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AutoInvoice, Transaction Workbench or Invoice API Error: Please correct the revenue account assignment (文档 ID 1088251.1)

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  1. Check AutoAccounting Setup
  a) If Segments Source = Salesreps
  b) If Segment Source =  Standard Lines
  c) If Segment Source = Transaction Types
  d) If Segment Source = Sites
  2. Validate the Shipping Inventory Organization
  3. If you are passing Data in RA_INTERFACE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL
  4. Check the profile option: AR: Use Invoice Accounting for Credit Memos
  5. Check if the GL account exists and is active
  6. Verify Accounting Flexfield setting for Enabled and Allow Dynamic Inserts
  7. Verify whether the GL account does not violate any cross-validation rules of the segments.
  8. Check for Possible Known Bugs
  9. Use the AutoInvoice Post-Process Validation Report
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Oracle Project Billing - Version and later
Oracle Order Management - Version and later
Oracle Receivables - Version and later
Oracle Lease and Finance Management - Version 12.0.1 and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.
Executable:RAXTRX - Autoinvoice Import Program
Form:ARXTWMAI.FMB - Transactions
Executable:PARGDR - PRC: Generate Draft Revenue for a Range of Projects
Executable:PAIGEN - PRC: Generate Draft Invoices for a Range of Projects


Oracle Receivables (AR): AutoInvoice Information Center > Troubleshooting AutoInvoice for Oracle Receivables Release 11.5 Through 12 > Troubleshooting AutoAccounting in AutoInvoice Note > 1088251.1

When Creating transactions via AutoInvoice, or the Transactions Form or APIs or via a hook-up into Receivables, you get the Error: 

Please correct the revenue account assignment 

This can occur in:
Oracle Receivables Transaction Workbench
Oracle Receivables: AutoInvoice Import
Oracle Receivables: Invoice API's
Oracle Projects: Project Billing Generate Draft Invoices or Revenue




TIP: Check out Note 1904785.1 AutoAccounting Analyzer, a dynamic way to help you identify and resolve AutoAccounting issues.

There are multiple causes for this error to be raised, the following guides you through the various things you can check/use to address this error:

1. Check AutoAccounting Setup

If you are getting the error in AutoInvoice, try creating a manual transaction and use the same GL account segments. As you enter each GL account segment in the transaction form, if validation logic fails, the form will raise an error. This will help you in identifying which segments have issues and will assist you in resolving the problem.

For this particualr error message, the GL account in error will be displayed, and a particular segment will be missing. Let's take the following as an example: 

Please correct the revenue account assignment (03-0000000--0000-00000-0000-0000)

A close look at the accounting segments shows the 3rd segment is missing.

Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Setup > Transactions > AutoAccounting
Then query up for Type = Revenue, and review the source for each of the segments. For this example, the 3rd segment is raising the error, so pay attention to where the 3rd segment is sourced from.

Depending on what the source is for the failing segment, you can use the following steps to investigate/troubleshoot further.

a) If Segments Source = Salesreps

When a segment of the GL account has to be derived from the GL accounts associated with the Salesrep, then it is pertinent that you associate a Salesrep to your transactions. Check whether the following has been set-up correctly:

  • Transaction Source
Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Setup > Transactions > Sources

Query up the transaction source used for your AutoInvoice import batch, and navigate to the AutoInvoice Options tab, and ensure that the checkbox for Allow Salescredit is checked.

Next check the Sales Credit Validation tab, verify what you have setup for Salesperson, how you set it up here impacts what AutoInvoice will expect to see in the RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL table (discussed below)

  • System Options
Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Setup > System > System Options

Navigate to the Miscellaneous tab and check if the Require Salesperson checkbox is checked.

The combination of the above settings determines the behavior re. Salescredits data in AutoInvoice.

Note: Regardless of the combination of settings you define below, if you pass data in RA_INTERFACE_SALESCREDITS_ALL, then AutoInvoice will validate that the data you provided is valid.

Allow Salescredit field
(In Transaction Source)
Require Salesperson
(in System Options)
Requirement of
Salescredit information
Checked Checked Mandatory
Checked Not Checked Optional
Not Checked Checked Mandatory
Not Checked Not Checked Any data entered will be ignored

  • GL account associated to Salesrep
Responsibility: CRM Resource manager
Navigation: Maintain Resources > Resources
Ensure that Freight, Receivables and Revenue Accounts associated to the Salesrep have been setup completely. 

When you have defined AutoAccounting such that some GL account segments are sourced from Salesreps, make sure that you populate the table RA_INTERFACE_SALESCREDITS for each line in RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL so that the proper accounting can be derived, and ensure that the values in INTERFACE_LINE_CONTEXT + INTERFACE_LINE_ATTRIBUTE1-15 match up.

This is required when you source segments from Salesreps and is necessary even if your system option Require Salesreps is set to No.

If your source is Salesreps, and your Transaction Source setup for Salesperson is:
  • Number, then you should be populating RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL.PRIMARY_SALESREP_NUMBER
  • Id, then you should be populating RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL.PRIMARY_SALESREP_ID
  • Script to find incomplete Salesrep setup for AutoAccounting
    The following script will pick up all Salesreps that do not have all the GL accounts setup, this could assist you in proactively setting these up to avoid issues in AutoInvoice.
    AND    ((NVL(START_DATE_ACTIVE, sysdate) <= sysdate) AND
            (NVL(END_DATE_ACTIVE, sysdate) >= sysdate))
            GL_ID_REV IS NULL OR
            GL_ID_FREIGHT IS NULL)
    (SELECT 'x' 
     AND    s.CONSTANT is null 

  • Projects Users:  Set up a Credit Receiver on a project so that the RA_INTERFACE_SALESCREDITS_ALL table is populated by the 'Interface Invoices to Receivables' process. This may require that the 'No Sales Credit' salesperson be setup as an employee.  Setting this up will allow you to bypass the mandatory salesrep validation when none exists.  To complete this setup, go into the Receivables responsibility: NAV Setup/Transactions/Sources. 
    Query your batch source. Go to tab AutoInvoice options. Mark allow salescredit.

b) If Segment Source =  Standard Lines

When your GL account segments are source from Standard lines, it is pertinent to associate either an Inventory Item or a Memo line to your transaction, so that AutoAccounting can derive the GL account segments. Check whether the following have been setup correctly:

  • Transaction Source
Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Setup > Transactions > Sources

Query up the transaction source used for your AutoInvoice import batch, and navigate to the Other Information tab, how you set up Memo Line Rule and/or Inventory Item here impacts what AutoInvoice will expect to see in RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL table (discussed below).