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BW--Daily BW Systems Checklist

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This list of transactions is designed to guide a Basis Admin team member through the process of keeping tabs on major systems issues and root cause issues and trends for each system in the landscape.
This will only identify and help triage issues to Helpdesk, Infrastructure, OS team or DBA team, Basis or functional developers or whomever…but guarantees that each system in a landscape gets a regular, weekly look. The goal is to eliminate root causes of repeating issues.
Step One: Identify what is going on right now
Why? This info may skew other readings
SM51 – SM50 (or SM66 and SMGW) – what’s running and active now
SMICM – what’s going on in the web server…and max/peak usage
AL08 – who’s on and inactive…what are they doing?
Step Two: Analyze what happened overnight
Why? ID any major new issues or daily trends for loads
ST22 – short dumps indicate major issues
SM21 (change time filter to include since you last looked) for each app server – shift in SM51
SM37 – active or cancelled jobs
RSMO – overview of process chains/InfoPackages (also RSA1-monitoring-monitor)
RSPC – log view of trouble chains
STMS – import history
Step Three: Check weekly trends (once per week per system is ok)
ST02 – look at buffers – red? Quality lower than 90%? >20,000 swaps?
ST04 – database buffer quality – in detail analysis, lockwait, latchwait, db message log
ST06 – CPU usage, now and detail-CPU snap and CPU previous hrs, OS Log
DB02 – disk space and weekly growth...and that disk storage availability is ahead of needs
Step Four: Major troubleshooting transactions if deeper analysis required
SE03 – STMS – SE09/SE10 TMS info – observe import history patterns
SLG1 – Application Logs
RSD1 – Repair InfoObjects
RSRV – Analysis and repair of BW Objects – Master data to Transactional Data ratio
ST03N – Query and Load performance analysis – BW Expert mode
RSRCACHE – Web query cache (parameters RSCUSTV14)
RSRT/RSRT2 – query analysis – which area is that problem happening in?
AL11 /work process/RFC logs
BW Stats Queries (0TCT) – examine for trends out of the ordinary/expected
WE20/WE21/SM59 – system connections or SE16 tables related to these
SE38 Reports:
RSPOR_SETUP (portal configuration)
SPAD – printing issues 


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