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MM--IMG 常用的Tcode

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SAP MM配置中的一些常用的 TCODE
OX14 - Define Valuation Area (Tick one only- Once your system go live, no more changes)
             Most company take the SAP recommended choice - Value Material Stock at Plant level
             Value Material Stock at Plant or Company Level (定义评估等级/范围)
OX10 - Create / Change / View Plants  (工厂维护)
OVXB - Create / Change / View Division (产品组/部门维护)

OX18 - Assign Plant to company code     (为公司代码分配对应的工厂)
              e.g.       0001 - 0001 - All Plants
                                      Px1   - Plant Px1
                                      Px2   - Plant Px2
OX19 - Assignment of company code to the Controlling Area  (分配公司代码到成本控制范围)

OB38 - Assign company code to Credit Control Area  (分配公司代码到信贷控制范围)
Maintain the Material Type
OMS2 - Material Type Maintenance - Create/Change/Display   维护物料类型
Screens in Material Master
MM01 - Create, MM02 - Change, MM03 - Display and MM06 - Flag for deletion. 
MM04 - Display the changes done to the material master. 
MMAM - Change the Material Type.  for e.g. from FERT to HALB 
Configure the Material Master Screen MM01 / MM02 / MM03 
OMSR - Assign the field to the field group  分配字段到字段组
OMS9 - Maintain the data screen field    数据屏幕的字段选择(新的参考字段必须以“Y”或者“Z”开头)
OMT3U - 创建物料MM01时的一些工业领域的默认值设置
OMJ1 - Allowing Negative Stocks 允许负库存的设置
OMS3  - 行业部门的设置 例如:机械工程 零售 药品等行业部门
OMSL -Control the Output Format of your Material Numbers  定义物料号的输出格式
OMS4 - 定义物料状态的明细

define new material group (OMSF)     定义物料组
define new valuation class (OMSK) 定义科目分类参考/评估类型
define new material account assignment group (transaction OVK5) 科目设置组的维护
To activate the blocking :-
You can check using transaction SM12 - type an "*" at the User name field. 
Check whether the material is in the locked list. 
If it is in the locked list, asked the user to log out before you delete it from the locked list.
Maintain Storage Location
MMSC - Collective entry of Storage Location for a material. 某种物料的库存地点的汇总条目
Insert new or delete un-used Storage Location.  (添加新的,或者删除没有使用过的库存地点)
Block Storage Location from further posting
1->Go to transaction   OX09
    Edit -> Copy as (copy the original storage location to a new name, replacing the first character e.g. ZXXX)
    Edit -> Delete    (delete the original storage location) 
Do the reverse if you want back the original storage location. (如果想要恢复使用原来的库存地点则是做相反的动作)
These are the steps to configure the organization structures in material management:
=>Define plant (create plant) - Follow below path
SPRO IMG < enterprise structure > < Definition > give your own plant name
Now your created your own plant 

=>Define Storage Location - Follow below path
SPRO IMG < Enterprice Structure > < Definition >
Now you created your storage location.

=>Define Purchase Organisation - Follow Below Path
SPRO IMG < Enterprise structure>
Now you created your purchase organisation in your own.

Now we see How To Assign This To Your Own Company Code
Follow The Path To Assign
=>Assign Plant To Company Code

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