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Creating Data Files

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Creating Data Files

Each data file contains the HTML content for a single process guidance activity. When an activity link is clicked in the Process Guidance Activities pane, the HTML content is displayed in a browser control in the QuickTest Process Guidance Description pane.

The package data files can include reference to a .css file to display content in your organization's standard style, and can contain any content that can be displayed by a browser.

The HTML files, and any folders or files that the HTML files reference can be stored on the user's local hard drive in a network location on the file system or on a Web server. The package configuration file (the Address attribute of each Activity element) provides HTML links for each activity.

It is recommended that the HTML file for each activity be written such that there will be minimum scrolling when the content is displayed in the Process Guidance Description pane at its default size.

If you find that your HTML files are too long, you may want to break them up into multiple process guidance activities to make it easier for your QuickTest users to reference while they work. 

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