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Component Maintenance[faq]

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Component Maintenance

  • How do I maintain my component when my application changes?
  • The way to maintain a component when your application changes depends on how much your application changes. This is one of the main reasons you should create a small group of components rather than one large component for your entire application.

    If you have many components that contain the same test objects, it is recommended to work with shared object repositories so that you can update object information in a centralized location.

    You can use the Update Run Mode option to update changed information for checkpoints or to change the set of test object properties used to identify the objects in your application. For more information, see Updating a Component Using the Update Run Mode Option.

    If there is a discrepancy between the test object description saved in the object repository and the object description in the application, you can use the Maintenance Run Mode to help correct this. When you run a component in Maintenance Run Mode, QuickTest runs your component, and then guides you through the process of updating your steps and object repository each time it encounters a step it cannot perform. due to an object repository discrepancy. For more information, see Running Components with the Maintenance Run Wizard.

  • How can I remove test result files from old components?
  • You can use the Test Results Deletion Tool to view a list of all of the test results in a specific location in your file system or in your Quality Center project. You can then delete any test results that you no longer require.

The Test Results Deletion Tool enables you to sort the test results by name, date, size, and so forth, so that you can more easily identify the results you want to delete.

To open this utility, choose Start > Programs > QuickTest Professional > Tools > Test Results Deletion Tool

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