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Generating Automation Scripts

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Generating Automation Scripts

The General tab of the Options dialog box and the Object Identification dialog box each contain a Generate Script button. Clicking this button generates an automation script. file (.vbs) containing the current settings from the corresponding dialog box.

You can run the generated script. as is to open QuickTest with the exact configuration of the QuickTest application that generated the script, or you can copy and paste selected lines from the generated files into your own automation script.

For example, the generated script. for the Options dialog box may look something like this:

Dim App 'As Application

Set App = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")


App.Visible = True

App.Options.DisableVORecognition = False

App.Options.AutoGenerateWith = False

App.Options.WithGenerationLevel = 2

App.Options.TimeToActivateWinAfterPoint = 500



App.Options.WindowsApps.NonUniqueListItemRecordMode = "ByName"

App.Options.WindowsApps.RecordOwnerDrawnButtonAs = "PushButtons"


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