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Choosing a Language and Development Environment for

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Choosing a Language and Development Environment for
Designing and Running Automation Scripts

You can choose from a number of object-oriented programming languages for your automation scripts. For each language, there are a number of development environments available for designing and running your automation scripts.

Writing Your Automation Script.

You can write your QuickTest automation scripts in any language and development environment that supports automation. For example, you can use: VBScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Visual C++, or Visual Studio.NET.

Some development environments support referencing a type library. A type library is a binary file containing the description of the objects, interfaces, and other definitions of an object model.

If you choose a development environment that supports referencing a type library, you can take advantage of features like Microsoft IntelliSense, automatic statement completion, and status bar help tips while writing your script. The QuickTest automation object model supplies a type library file named QTObjectModel.dll. This file is stored in <QuickTest installation folder>\bin.

If you choose an environment that supports it, be sure to reference the QuickTest type library before you begin writing or running your automation script. For example, if you are working in Microsoft Visual Basic, choose Project > References to open the References dialog box for your project. Then select QuickTest Professional Object Library (where <Version> is the current installed version of the QuickTest automation type library).

Running Your Automation Script.

There are several applications available for running automation scripts. You can also run automation scripts from the command line using Microsoft's Windows Script. Host.

For example, you could use the following command line to run your automation script.

WScript.exe /E:VBSCRIPT. myScript.vbs 

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