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Running Components with the Maintenance Run Wizard

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Running Components with the Maintenance Run Wizard

Maintenance Run Mode enables you to update your component to reflect changes in the application you are testing. You can use Maintenance Run Mode, for example, if you need to correct a discrepancy between the test object description saved in the object repository and the object description in the application. When you run a component in Maintenance Run Mode, QuickTest runs your component, and then guides you through the process of updating your steps and object repository each time it encounters a step it cannot perform. due to an object repository discrepancy.

When you run a component in Maintenance Mode, the Maintenance Run wizard opens for steps that failed because an object was not found in the application. You have the choice of using the wizard to point to the object in the application that you want your component to use or adding a comment to your component before the failed step. If you point to an object in the application being tested, Maintenance Mode will compare that object to the objects in the associated object repositories.

Depending on how the property values of the object to which you point compare to the property values of the objects in the associated repositories, Maintenance Mode will suggest one of a several options for updating your component to reflect the changes in the application. At each point in the wizard you can click the Reset button and point to a different object from the application for use in the failed step.

When the Maintenance Run Mode ends, Maintenance Mode wizard provides a summary of the changes it made to your component. The main Test Results window also contains a Maintenance Summary which displays details of the changes made to your component, including updated and added objects, updated and commented steps, and a summary of changes to the object repository.


  • You must have the Microsoft Script. Debugger installed to run the components in Maintenance Mode. If it is not installed, you can use the QuickTest Additional Installation Requirements Utility to install it. (Select Start > Programs > QuickTest Professional > Tools > Additional Installation Requirements.)
  • You can run in Maintenance Run Mode only when QuickTest is set to use the Normal (displays execution marker) run mode. It cannot run in Fast mode. For more information, see Setting Run Testing Options.
  • You cannot run in Maintenance Run Mode on applications that do not have a user interface, such as Web services.


       After Maintenance Run Mode finishes, you may want to reset this setting to its previous value for regular runs.You can also update individual test object descriptions from the object in your application using the Update from Application option in the Object Repository window or Object Repository Manager. For more information, see Updating Test Object Properties from an Object in Your Application.

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