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About Debugging Components and Function Libraries

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  • While the component and function libraries are running in debug mode, they are read-only. You can modify the content after you stop the debug session (not when you pause it). If needed, you can enable the function library for editing (File > Enable Editing) after you stop the session. For more information, see Editing a Read-Only Function Library. After you implement your changes, you can continue debugging your component and function libraries.
  • If you perform. a file operation (for example, open a different component or create a new component), the debug session is stopped.
  • In QuickTest, when you open a component, QuickTest creates a local copy of the external resources that are saved to your Quality Center project. Therefore, any changes you apply to any external resource that is saved in your Quality Center project, such as a function library, will not be implemented in the component until the component is closed and reopened. (An external resource is any resource that was not created using QuickTest, such as, a function library created in an external editor.) 
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