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Run Results Tree

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Run Results Tree

The left pane in the Test Results window displays the run results tree—a graphical representation of the run session results:

  • indicates a step that succeeded. This icon is displayed only if the component step contains one of the following:
    • Verify operations (functions), such as VerifyProperty
    • AddToTestResults (or its equivalent) with a micPass status
  • indicates a step that failed. Note that this causes all parent steps (up to the root component) to fail as well.
  • indicates a warning, meaning that the step did not succeed, but it did not cause the component to fail.
  • indicates a step that failed unexpectedly, such as when an object is not found for a checkpoint.
  • indicates that the Smart Identification mechanism successfully found the object.
  • indicates that a recovery scenario was activated.
  • indicates that the run session was stopped before it ended.
  • square brackets around a test object name indicate that the test object was created dynamically during the run session. A dynamic test object is created either using programmatic descriptions or by using an object returned by a ChildObjects method, and is not saved in the object repository.
  • displays the Maintenance Mode Update Result, a table that describes the Action taken by Maintenance Run Wizard on a failed step, and the Details of that action. Displayed only for components run in Maintenance Run Mode. For more information on Maintenance Run Mode, see Maintaining Components.

You can collapse or expand a branch in the run results tree to change the level of detail that the tree displays. 

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