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About Outputting Values

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About Outputting Values

An output value step is a step in which one or more values are captured at a specific point in your component and stored for the duration of the run session. The values can later be used as input at a different point in the run session.

When you create output value steps, you can determine where the values are stored during the run session and how they can be used. During the run session, QuickTest retrieves each value at the specified point and stores it in the specified location. When the value is needed later in the run session, QuickTest retrieves it from this location and uses it as required.

Output values are stored only for the duration of the run session. When the run session is repeated, the output values are reset.

Note: After the run session, you can view the output values retrieved during the session as part of the session results. For more information, see Viewing Parameterized Values and Output Value Results in the Test Results Window.

When you create an output value in a keyword component, the Output Value Properties dialog box opens in Simple Mode, which shows only the properties and values that can be viewed in Quality Center. For more information on this dialog box, see Defining Standard Output Values.

You can view or select advanced output properties by clicking the Advanced Mode button . However, the user in Quality Center does not have the option to view or edit the advanced properties. Therefore, if the output value object is set to retrieve advanced properties, and a Quality Center user views its setting in Quality Center, the Output Value Properties dialog box displays text indicating that some properties are selected for output but not shown. 

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