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Understanding the Conversion Logs

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Understanding the Conversion Logs

When you use the Action Conversion Tool, you can generate printable log files that specify the status of each action—both before and after you convert your actions to scripted components. The following table describes the details provided by each of these conversion log files:

Log File Name


Indicates the convertibility status of every action in the Action Conversion Tool, prior to conversion:
  • provides a summary of how many actions can be converted and how many cannot be converted (in total).
  • for each source test, specifies which action(s) can be converted and which action(s) cannot be converted.
  • for each action that cannot be converted, specifies the reason(s) why the action cannot be converted, for example, the action may not be reusable.
Indicates whether each action was converted successfully. If an action was not converted successfully, describes the reason(s) why not. It also:
  • provides a summary of how many actions were successfully converted and how many were not.
  • for each source test, specifies the actions that were (or were not) converted, and lists the reason(s) why a particular action was not converted.

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