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Converting Actions to Scripted Components

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Converting Actions to Scripted Components

When you add actions to the Action Conversion Tool, the Status box indicates whether or not each action can be converted. An empty Status box indicates that the test can be converted. If the Status box displays a message, then the action cannot currently be converted. Read the message and modify the action accordingly. For example, if the message states that the action is not reusable, you can open the test in QuickTest and make the action reusable. (For information on working with QuickTest, refer to the HP QuickTest Professional User's Guide.)

After you modify and save the test, you can add it to the Action Conversion Tool again. When you re-add a test, the Action Conversion Tool replaces the test you added previously with the newly modified test. It also applies the same target path that you defined previously. Therefore, if you chose a different location to store the scripted component after it is converted, the modified test will now use that path.

When the Action Conversion Tool converts an action, it:

  • creates a new scripted component in your Quality Center project
  • copies the source action's steps and content to the scripted component
  • copies the test settings for the source action's parent test to the scripted component's settings (displayed in the Business Component Settings dialog box)
  • copies the source action's parameterization data
  • copies the first row from the data sheet to the Data Table that is used by the scripted component
  • Note: You use the Test Settings dialog box (File > Settings > Resources) to specify that a source action use an external data sheet. You use the Value Configuration Options dialog box for a specific parameter to specify that a source action use a local (current action) data sheet.

    After you convert actions to scripted components, you must open each scripted component in QuickTest and associate it with an application area that provides all of the resources and settings needed by the component. 

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